What we do

We offer our services in the field of structure designing for special engineering facilities, industrial facilities, public utility buildings, and residential buildings. We undertake orders from the concept project, through the construction design, detailed and working design.



We provide:

  • Conceptual designs
  • Construction designs /technical designs
  • Tender designs
  • Detailed designs
  • Working designs
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Our offer is addressed to architectural offices, general constructors and construction element prefabrication plants. We are sure that the guarantee of the success of each project is the close cooperation of industries within the design team, that’s why our idea is carrying out our tasks with commitment and initiative in developing technical solutions that are adequate to their functions and fitted to individual needs of our clients.

Depending on project requirements, project documentation and consultation are made in English or German, taking into account guidelines and standards of a given region.

Steel elements and reinforcement of reinforced concrete are defined directly in a three-dimensional model of a structure. We use the same model to generate execution drawings thanks to which we maintain strict compliance between the provided documentation and a model on each stage of the project.



We calculate:

  • Static analysis of existing structures
  • Dynamic analysis of supporting structures
  • FEM analysis on complex spatial models
  • Advanced analysis in the field of: dynamics, seismic, material stress, digital wind tunnels (CFD) e.g. for wind calculations , Nonlinear buckling analysis for surface elements
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The application of modern design techniques allows an accurate analysis of the critical construction points based on strength calculations using the finite element method, so-called FEM analysis. It is the industry’s best method to precisely define, during the design stage, the stress of entire structures as well as particular elements. FEM calculations allow to precisely specify the features of constructions such as strength, stiffness, and durability.

The usage of this method brings significant benefits for the entire project – it reduces designing time and provides greater efficiency and durability of the designed structure.

We use the following programmes:

  • IDEA StatiCa
  • Robot Structural Analysis
  • Authorial engineering calculations



  • Inter-industry coordination in the BIM environment
  • Point cloud and photogrammetric photos
  • Sharing resources in the cloud environment
  • Revit Server
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We DELIVER designs using advanced design tools (Revit, Advance Steel, Tekla) that are adapted for creating documentation in accordance with BIM TECHNOLOGY methodology. It allows starting cooperation with other industries and design teams in an optimal way – which translates to quick order execution time and the provision of high standard of documentation delivered by us.

Working in the BIM environment provides constant insight into the three-dimensional model of the designed object and makes it easier for us to adapt our solutions to the requirements dictated by specific architectural solutions, the actual course of the installation or the current state of the structure in the event of its expansion.

At our disposal, we have experience and necessary tools for the usage of the newest technologies such as 3D scanners and photogrammetry (LaserScan). Thanks to them we guarantee high precision of positioning of designed structures in relation to the existing elements of the building – it is of exceptional importance in projects of modernisation of existing industrial structures or supporting structures of technological lines with high saturation of installations.



We advise in the field of:

  • Project architect’s supervision
  • Opinions and technical expertise
  • Optimisation of the technical solutions
  • Designs of repair and reinforcement of structures
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Our team consists of experienced engineers who constantly improve their skills with the ongoing support of accredited training facilities.

We eagerly share our knowledge by providing technical counselling services. In our work, we have improved many details in existing structures, improving, e.g. functionality. We’ve participated in developing numerous documentation of repairs of structures and we know where one can expect a problematic situation. Thanks to that experience we minimise the risk of applying ineffective solutions in your designs.