3D scan without 3D scanner and …

3D scan without 3D scanner and …

3D scan without 3D scanner and … without a drone

This happened:
– Good Morning Sir, we would like to place a steel structure for Photovoltaic modules on top of 60m building, however it needs to be elevated about 2m above roof…
– Why?
– Well, too many chimneys all over the place, we need to place PV modules above it.
– Sure, do you have documentation for these chimneys?
– Not really …

We looked at the roof, and we knew … this site survey would take a while – it is covered by chimneys and installations.

Laser scanning would do the trick perfectly, yet it was quite far away from budget. Thankfully there is photogrammetry – not so accurate, yet fit for purpose in this case.

Pictures have been taken with a camera with geotags on (GPS position) on top of 3m long “selfie stick” and with a wide angle of pictures. Flying with drones was not permitted in this area. After 2h we had a full survey done and back in office it took about 4h more for processing pictures on PC.
All chimneys are scanned, together with antennas, vents and even old existing PV modules. All of that for a fraction of Laser Scan price, yet still in scale. Client is happy … what makes us happy too! ? Now it is so much easier to design structure between existing installations, clash-free.