About us

About us

The company was established in 2007 and since then is strictly related with industrial structures. Thanks to our international connections and knowledge of specialized software, we quickly gained customers who have been working with us for many years. We are a well-organized team constantly striving to improve our skills to meet the growing needs of the market.  

Since 2010, we have been working in accordance with ISO 9001 quality management system standards. Quality is not an add-on for us. It is an essence.

Our engineers work in project management and control systems. We assist you throughout the whole design process - we listen, analyze, advise, inform. The stages of the project are transparent to you, and that makes cooperation easier.

We work on modern BIM software. This allows us to collaborate with other industries and design teams in an optimal way and without unnecessary delay. This translates into a significant reduction in order execution time and ensures a high standard of documentation provided by us.

We create a professional team of designers - all our designers have the title of the ISO 9001 quality management system auditor and are certified to design structures.

We optimize and streamline the design process. In our practice, we have improved many details in existing structures, improving their functionality. We have been involved in the development of countless repair documentations and we know where to expect problematic situations. Thanks to this experience, we minimize the risk of ineffective solutions in your projects.

Our services:

Structural design

We are specialized in the design of industrial structures, public buildings and collective housing. We use modern design techniques to maximize the quality of our projects.


We can provide Finite Element Analysis (FEA) from simple bar structures to advanced shell models. We optimize the design elements and analyze even the most complex stages of construction.

3D CAD drawings

Many years of our experience in providing comprehensive design documentation has shown us one way - it is BIM (Building Information Modeling) design. Working in this environment allows full control and verification of the final product.

Site surveys

We undertake surveys, reports and valuations of the technical condition of buildings. These reviews are made on the basis of available design documentation, inventory measurements and FE Analysis. We can give advice on most matters relating structural requirements.